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This is utils::sessionInfo() re-written from scratch to both exclude data that's rarely useful (e.g., the full collate string or base packages loaded) and include stuff you'd like to know (e.g., where a package was installed from).


  pkgs = c("loaded", "attached", "installed")[1],
  include_base = FALSE,
  info = c("auto", "all", "platform", "packages", "python", "external"),
  dependencies = NA,
  to_file = FALSE



Which packages to show. It may be:

  • NULL or "loaded": show all loaded packages,

  • "attached": show all attached packages,

  • "installed": show all installed packages,

  • a character vector of package names. Their (hard) dependencies are also shown by default, see the dependencies argument.


Include base packages in summary? By default this is false since base packages should always match the R version.


What information to show, it can be "auto" to choose automatically, "all" to show everything, or a character vector with elements from:


Whether to include the (recursive) dependencies as well. See the dependencies argument of utils::install.packages().


Whether to print the session information to a file. If TRUE the name of the file will be session-info.txt, but to_file may also be a string to specify the file name.


A session_info object. If to_file is not FALSE then it is returned invisibly. (To print it to both a file and to the screen, use (session_info(to_file = TRUE)).)


Columns in the printed package list:

  • package: package name

  • *: whether the package is attached to the search path

  • version: package version. If the version is marked with (!) that means that the loaded and the on-disk version of the package are different.

  • date: when the package was built, if this information is available. This is the Date/Publication or the Built field from DESCRIPTION. (These are usually added automatically by R.) Sometimes this data is not available, then it is NA.

  • source: where the package was built or installed from, if available. Examples: CRAN (R 3.3.2), Github (r-lib/pkgbuild@8aab60b), Bioconductor, local.

See package_info() for the list of columns in the data frame that is returned (as opposed to printed).


if (FALSE) {